Soundproofing in Eagar, AZ


• Basic Understanding

How exactly do you build a soundproof room? Start with a basic understanding Soundproofing construction, 800-593-3340. If you understand the basics, you’ll have a more educated eye to view your problem room. In general, we are trying to stop vibrations from getting to “your” side of the wall or ceiling.


• Vibration Conducts

Give us a call 800-593-3340 to demonstrate how sound is conducted from one side to another side. Rigid drywall is rigidly connected to the wall studs, which are rigidly connected to your drywall. The vibration conducts straight through.


• Airborne Transmission

The blue waves, indicate airborne transmission. A drywall is vibrating back and forth which produces a sound wave in the air cavity. This in turn vibrates your drywall and recreates the sound on your side. The drywall becomes a giant diaphragm and acts exactly like your stereo speaker moving back and forth re-creating recorded sound from your favorite CD.

For soundproofing call 800-593-3340.

Decoupling as part of soundproofing in Eagar, AZ

With Sound Proofing Guys the first element is decoupling. Keep in mind that sound is nothing more than a vibration. The vibration will travel (conduct) easily if there is a nice solid direct pathway to follow, like the string between two orange juice cans. If we cut the string, however, we “decouple” the pathway, and the sound vibration stops (no conduction).

Obviously for Soundproofing, we want less sound vibration to travel from one side of the wall to the other. It is therefore enormously beneficial if we decouple the framing in our walls (and ceilings). It’s simple, inexpensive and highly effective. Let’s look at different methods of decoupling:

You can see that all of these methods by Sound Proofing Guys in Eagar, AZ offer varying degrees of separation of the drywall on one side from the drywall on the other side. Again, all of the walls shown are superior to a single stud (common) wall.

We can see how decoupling the wall studs limit the vibration trying to conduct through the wall. We are left with the airborne transmission represented by the blue waves. Note how decoupling does not affect airborne transmission.

So our decoupled framing reduces a good deal of vibration, but not all. We need to continue to the other elements to reduce more.

Absorption as part of soundproofing

Air cavities will resonate. Ever “heard the ocean” in a seashell? Ever blow across the top of a bottle and heard the sound? Both sounds are actually the trapped air resonating. A hollow wall will also trap air that will resonate. When the wall is vibrated by sound (from your neighbor), the air in the wall cavity is also vibrated, just like a drum. This air cavity is another means for sound vibration to travel from one side of the wall to the other.

For a full explanation on Soundproofing call Sound Proofing Guys in Eagar, AZ on 800-593-3340 and get the best advice around. Trust the experts in Soundproofing in the Eagar, AZ area.

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